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Christmas Shopping for men

Posted by Simon on 20th Nov 2017

Are you the bloke who buys flowers from the petrol station?

I am the EXACT type of man who women complain about. I ALWAYS leave presents to the last minute, and YES I have been known to buy flowers from the petrol station (well, who hasn't?!)

BUT I have learnt a few things in my time about getting the right present for my other half (lucky lady!). I do still get it wrong sometimes but I now implement a few fail-safes to make sure I get plenty of LOVE over the Christmas period. No, not THAT kind! (Although...)

ALL she wants to know is that you care

So how do you buy the gift that tells her you love her? Without actually having to say it a million times?

If you're one of the many who can be found scanning the shops on Christmas Eve, grabbing the latest designer perfume and obligatory underwear set, don't be put out. There's not much wrong with that. At least you tried! But... it's a bit thoughtless isn't it? And THAT'S exactly what she wants: to be thought about.

Personalised Just The Way You Are Necklace & Keepsake

Did you just ask the shopgirl?

She will KNOW if that's what you did: she will KNOW if you just asked the girl in the shop for her advice. She will then be imaging how THAT conversation went...!

So if you're after a happy Christmas, one of the BEST things you can do is forward plan a bit. Go on, sort out her present and make sure you're going to be left alone to watch whatever it is YOU want to watch on the telly!

Zirconia Heart Silver Pendant

Women aren't that complicated, honest!

I think you know what I'm going to say here. You want her to think you're thinking about her. And she wants to hear how much she means to you. Everyone says women are complicated. I'm not so sure.
They just need to know they're loved .

SO get personal . And it's not hard. Just think about a little message you'd like to tell her.
And then get something pretty engraved. A silver bracelet, or locket?

   Sterling Silver Personalised Slider Bracelet

But what will she like?

LOOK at what she wears already. Does she wear gold or silver? Still not sure? Go for a mix!

Sif Jakobs Pila Pendant - Rose Gold

Have you ever seen her wear a bracelet? If yes, go for it, if no, consider earrings or a necklace or a ring.


Take a peek in her jewellery box

Just lift the lid and have a quick look: note down the colours. All you have to do then is copy.

It's quite hard to go wrong with earrings unless you get the colour wrong. Look at the colour of the clothes she wears now. Does she wear a lot of black and navy? Then you'll most likely be safe with something silver-coloured. Or something with pearls or diamondesque.

Is she a bit more adventurous in the colours she wears? Has she got a favourite pink scarf for example? If she has, you can bet a pendant with a pink stone will go down well.

If she's more into greens and yellows then you can be fairly safe in going for something gold-coloured.

HOW to get the MOST brownie points!

Most women will love a locket. They're always the piece of jewellery that should be engraved and if you can get a little picture of you or your family in there: that's just the most thoughtful present EVER! LOADS of brownie points there!

We've got these ones: just make SURE you order before December 14th

Sterling Silver Personalised Locket     Personalised Sterling Silver Heart Necklace


And that extra bit of 'I really love you' thoughtfulness is in the box... you can actually engrave the box for the gifts that can't be engraved: HOW thoughtful is that?!        



And there you have it - the ULTIMATE guide to getting the BEST gift for the special person in your life!

And ensuring YOU have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!