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The Legend of Saint Valentine

Posted by Simon on 12th Feb 2018

Have you ever wondered, whilst munching those sumptuous chocolates, breathing in the fragrant aroma of those freshly cut red roses or tucking into that delicious meal, about this Valentine's thi … read more

January Birthday? Grab a Garnet!!

Posted by Simon on 19th Jan 2018

Garnet - January's Birthstone A January birthday?!! What on EARTH would you buy?!! No sooner has Christmas passed when along comes January to offer up yet another dizzying gift buying m … read more

Christmas Shopping for men

Posted by Simon on 20th Nov 2017

Are you the bloke who buys flowers from the petrol station? I am the EXACT type of man who women complain about. I ALWAYS leave presents to the last minute, and YES I have been known to buy flow … read more